Scarlet Shoes


Hi guys!

I hope you’re all well! For the last week I’ve been away on a girls holiday to Mallorca! It was my first proper holiday away without my family and while I definitely missed them I had such a blast, I mean sun, sea and Sangria, what more could a girl want? I will be doing a couple of holiday related posts, including a few photos from my time away, so keep your eyes peeled. A week away was exactly what I needed and I’ve come home with some really good post ideas thanks to my girls so I would have to say the holiday was a hit!

Last week I shared my gorgeous sisters prom look and today I’m sharing mine with you. I’ve officially left school forever (wow) so prom was quite important this year. When it came to finding a dress I really struggled with what was in the shops at the time, being short can make a lot of outfits hard to wear and shopping on a budget doesn’t help that. I found this dress on the same website my sister got hers, Lindy Bop, which is a vintage style website and I loved it! Outfit details will be at the bottom.


(I don’t know what my face is doing here, it’s obvious I’ve been away from the camera a while, haha)





Lipstick-Rimmel ’01’

Dress-Lindy Bop

Clutch-TK Maxx

Shoes-New Look



A Huge Apology! And Jessie’s Prom Look


Hi guys!

It’s been so so long since I last posted anything, a whole damn month! As most of you know June was a very stressful month for me because of my exams and the thought of sitting down and doing something else that required brain power, even if it was something like blogging which I love, filled me with exhaustion and dread. I know I said I was going to try to keep posting while I was doing my exams but that definitely turned out to be more ambitious than I thought, so I decided to follow a piece of advice I always give people when they ask me questions about blogging: don’t put too much pressure on yourself and don’t blog if you don’t feel like it because it will make it a chore. But I am definitely back and will be blogging as before, so I just wanted to give you guys a huge apology for basically falling off the face of the earth, if you have commented in the last month I will be answering your comments over the next week, while I haven’t replied seeing all your lovely  comments has definitely helped to brighten my days over the last month!

So I thought I would kick-start blogging again with something a little special, today I am sharing with you Jessie’s prom look. If you’ve read the blog before you will definitely know that Jessie dresses slightly quirky, something that runs in our family haha, and you will also know how much I love her style!

Jessie had a very similar view of wearing a traditional prom dress to me when I was in year 11, she knew it just wasn’t her so went on the look out for something a little different. She got this dress from online from the website Lindy Bop, they sell vintage style clothing in sizes 6-26 which is amazing considering so many vintage style shops I’ve checked out don’t cater for people smaller than a size 8/10. Jessie’s dress was stunning and was of such a good quality and she looked absolutely beautiful! So here is her look:





Lipstick-Rimmel Apocalips ‘Stella’

Dress-Lindy Bop

Gloves-TK Maxx

Clutch-TK Maxx

Shoes-Cu Cu Fashion

So there is Jessie’s prom look! I will be uploading my look next week so keep an eye out!



Daisy Daisy


Hello loves!

I hope you’ve all been well! I’ve had a brilliant weekend so far with some continued birthday celebrations which resulted in me feeling rather fragile Saturday morning, haha. Last night though I had a family dinner with my dad’s family for my birthday which provided me with the perfect opportunity to get a little dressed up!

Mum bought me this super pretty dress for my birthday, it’s so lightweight and is perfect for the summer, I’m loving the whole floral thing at the minute and I can’t wait to wear it more!

Outfit details will be at the bottom.







Lipstick-MAC ‘Viva Glam VI’

Dress-Miss Selfridge

Shoes-CuCu Fashion

Comments and feedback welcome!




Birthday Makeup Tutorial


Hi loves!

So I’d first like to start this post by saying I’m sorry for being absent for what seems like ages, I know I only on posted Sunday but I want to apologise for not uploading anything since, this week has been super busy with exams, and birthdays and preparing for my final few days in school, I am hoping to update more next week since I am free from school!

But today is my birthday! I turned 18 today and am now officially an adult, how scary! I have an exam in the morning so I’ve limited my celebrations to pizza and a glass of bucks fizz with mum, and the more…adventurous celebrations will happen tomorrow night!

So I asked you guys for a few ideas as to what to do for a birthday post and one suggestion was a birthday makeup look, so this is it today! For this look I’m using the W7 ‘In the Buff’ palette which is lovely and allows me to create quite a coppery/bronze look!

So here is the look!



1.First prime your eyes and apply a pale, neutral colour (1) across your eyelid.


2.Now define your crease with a bronze colour (2) and blend out so it doesn’t look too harsh.


3.Apply a slightly darker bronze (3) to the outer area of your lid and blend outwards, this gets rid of harsh lines and adds a slightly smokey effect.


4.To add more definition, apply a brown (4) to the outer V of you eyelid and blend slightly to prevent too much of a contrast.


5.Now apply a cream/white shade (5) in the center of your eyelid and blend to give it a softer appearance, this will help to define your eyes even more.


6.Now all you do is apply winged eyeliner and mascara and you’re finished!


So there is my birthday makeup tutorial, comments and feedback welcome!







Nighttime Nautical


Hi loves!

I hope you’ve all had a fab weekend! I spent a large portion of today revising for my first exam tomorrow, how scary! I can’t believe they’ve come around this quick and that my last proper week at school is finally here, I can’t wait to get out of there!

I had a minor hair dying disaster this weekend too, and ended up with half my hair orange and the other half a more auburn,chestnut colour, it’s now pretty much sorted but my roots are terribly bright, fingers crossed it tones down a bit soon!

While today was spent revising, yesterday was lovely and we went out for a meal to celebrate mine and mums birthdays since they are both this week! So I bout this dress last year for a wedding and I love the colour and style, I feel super girly in it and I love the lace. The shoes however, are new and I bought them from CuCu Fashion, they do lovely and really inexpensive shoes, this is the third pair I have bought from there and Jessie actually bought her prom shoes from there, they’re great for budget shoppers since you aren’t compromising on quality!

Outfit details will be at the bottom!







Lipstick-Kiko Milano ‘Hazelnut’


Dress-Forever 21 (old)

Shoes-CuCu Fashion



MooGoo Acne Cleansing Moisturiser Review



Hi lovelies!

Happy Thursday! I’ve had such a productive day today with revision and I’m feeling quite positive about my exams, of course ask me on Monday and I’m sure it will be a different story, haha. My aunt is coming over tomorrow from Ireland and is staying for the weekend to celebrate mine and mums birthdays which are next week, so I’m really looking forward to that!

I am 18 next Thursday and I would like to do a post to commemorate it, the problem is I am stuck with what to do, so I would be super grateful if you guys could give me some ideas! Please email me, or comment below with any suggestions!

But today I am sharing a review of my new Holy Grail product, MooGoo Acne Cleansing Moisturiser! So I got this about a month ago and I would be lost without it now, it’s done wonders for my skin and I can’t rave about this product enough.


This is a lovely moisturiser, it hydrates your skin so well without making it oily. It’s quite rich and works best if you apply it to damp skin and massage it in. It works really well with both oily and dry skin and leaves it feeling so soft!

I have primarily been using this product on my back, chest and shoulders because I get quite bad acne on these areas while my sister has been using this on her face. I have tried numerous products and methods that are meant to reduce and prevent acne and haven’t found any that work for me, most have either done nothing or have caused even more breakouts but this product has cleared my skin so much. In the month I’ve been using it I have had less breakouts, less inflammation and my back, chest and shoulders are almost completely clear, I couldn’t be happier and I would actually feel comfortable enough to wear something that didn’t completely cover these areas!


I don’t have a before shot, but my whole back used to be covered in angry red spots, most of the blemishes in this photo is scarring.

Another thing I love about this product is that they use natural ingredients, and actually explain what each ingredient is and does on the website! I love this because having sensitive skin means that putting products with lots of chemicals in them can be a worry but I love knowing I don’t need to worry about this with this product.

It is £12 which could be considered a bit pricey for a moisturiser but I 100% think this is worth the money, I would actually pay more for this product and I am more of a cheap and cheerful girl, so that should show just how much I love it!

As well as the product itself being awesome, the customer service is also brilliant! There was a glitch when we came to paying but their customer service team were incredibly helpful and had us all sorted within 24 hours of us contacting them, and in all honesty it made me like MooGoo even more.

Overall this is one of the best skin care and acne products I have tried and I will definitely be a loyal user from now on, I can’t recommend this enough and I would suggest that anyone with acne gives this a go. I couldn’t love this product any more, so head over to MooGoo now!

Comments and feedback welcome!





Annie and Rosie-Adopting Rescue Animals

Hi lovelies!

I hope all of you are well! I’m glad  we’re one day closer to the weekend even if it does mean I’m one day closer to my exams which start on Monday, they’ve come around so quickly!

As most of you know we added to our family in the form of two kittens called Annie and Rosie! So I thought I would share a little bit about them, the process of adopting them and a bit about rescue animals in general since all our pets have been rescued in one way or another.

Rosie and Annie are 11 weeks old, Rosie is the black one and Annie is black and white, and they’re such sweet girls. We don’t know anything really about their background including their birthdays so they’re a bit of a mystery. They’ve been with us for a couple of days now and are settling in pretty well, Annie is definitely the most outgoing of the two and loves a cuddle, when she isn’t climbing on Jessie’s back, she kept hissing at me to begin with but now she’s happy for me to give her a cuddle and will sleep in my arms for as long as I let her, Rosie has found adjusting to our house a little more difficult, she has a chosen hiding spot and doesn’t like to come out unless Annie is coaxing her out, we are bonding now and she enjoys a cuddle and has the loudest purr!

I first saw these little ladies on the RSPCA website after my friend suggesting taking a look since I hadn’t seen any cats we could adopt anywhere else, having a cat and dog already puts some serious limits on the pets you can adopt since so many can’t be homed with other cats and/or dogs. We filled out a questionnaire and made an appointment to visit them last Saturday, spent about an hour getting to know them and decided they were the cats for us; after that we had to put a temporary reserve on them and wait for the home visit. The home visit was just a really short appointment where someone from the RSPCA came to the house to check out the nearby roads to make sure the house is suitable for pets. We passed the test, arranged to visit the kittens again the next day so they could get to know us better and found out we could take them home then. You do have to pay a fee when getting them, this covers the medical treatments they need such as their vaccinations for the first year, defleaing, deworming and spaying/neutering, everything you’d have to pay for anyway.

So the process of adoption is pretty quick and simple from your end, but it’s finding the right pet for you and taking everything necessary into consideration which takes a lot more time and effort. Because we already have a dog and a cat it meant finding a pet that could live with both was very difficult, especially among any older animals, which is why we opted for kittens. Finding a pet that is suitable for you and your circumstances is probably the most difficult thing since a lot of rescue animals have their quirks and may not be able to live with cats, dogs, young children etc. but there is definitely the right pet for you somewhere!

You may have guessed by now I am very pro getting rescue animals rather than buying them if you can, so many animals need homes and offering a home to an animal that really needs one is such a brilliant and rewarding feeling. All our pets have been rescued one way or another, you can see Saffy and Hugo’s stories here, and I can honestly say we couldn’t have found better animals. So I will say it once more, if you can please look towards rescue animals if you’re wanting to get a pet, they will make such wonderful additions to your family!

So that’s it for today’s post on our rescue animals, I’d love to hear a bit about yours!




Denim Dress to Impress


Hi beauties!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend! If you follow me on Instagram you will already have seen that I was very excited to announce that we have added two new members to our family, Rosie and Annie the kittens (pictured above), they’re so tiny, especially compared to chunky Hugo our other cat, and we’re loving having them so far!

I will be sharing a post on rescue animals this week and I’ll be talking a bit about our experience with rescue animals and the girlies so keep an eye out for that!

Today though I am sharing what I wore today with you! I love denim, it goes with everything and is so practical so getting this denim dress a couple of years ago was brilliant, it’s so lightweight and perfect for summer, plus it always makes me feel a little retro, haha. Outfit details will be at the bottom.






Lipstick-Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker ‘Nudist’


Dress-Primark (old)

Shoes-Sainsbury’s (old)




What’s in my Holiday Makeup Bag

Hi loves!

I hope you’ve all had a good day, I went to my second self-defense class and I’m loving it, it’s so much fun and I already feel more confident in my ability to defend myself, I would absolutely suggest giving it a go! We also got some good news today and will be getting some kittens soon, we’re going to visit them at the rescue tomorrow and then hopefully we’ll be able to take them home sometime this week, I’m so excited!

Today’s post is on what I have in my holiday makeup bag, this year I’m lucky enough to be going on two holidays, one family holiday and my first girls holiday. I of course will be bringing my makeup with me but I have  a pretty large collection so I have to do the awful thing of selecting the essentials, so here is what is in my holiday makeup bag:


1.Clinique Super Balance Foundation-This is my go to foundation and gives a light to medium coverage, this is really lightweight and it feels like you’re not wearing any foundation, perfect for bringing on holiday.

IMG_1451 (2)

2.Number Seventeen Stay Time Concealer-When I’m away I don’t want to wear a full face of makeup everyday, especially if it’s hot, and this concealer is great for covering up my dark circles and blemishes, definitely a holiday must!


3.Number Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit-I still love a bit of contouring when I’m on holiday, and this palette is perfect because it is so compact and it has both a highlighter and contour shade, this is brilliant for going away since you only need one product to contour like a pro.


4.Collection Sheer Loose Powder-This is a really lightweight powder that does a great job of setting your makeup, it helps to smooth out any harsh lines and adds a lovely finish as well as making your makeup last ages!


5.BareMinerals Ready Blush-I love blusher so this is definitely coming on holiday with me, this is my favourite blusher and it adds such a rosy glow, it’s always in my makeup bag!


6.Makeup Revolution Awesome Double Flick Liquid Liner-As you all know I love eyeliner, so there is no way I’m going on holiday without this, the felt tip style makes it super easy to use and less likely to leak.


7.Mally Volumising Mascara-I mean, how could I possibly leave without mascara?


9.Maybelline Blushed Nudes-These colours are perfect for summer and you can create so many looks with just this palette which makes it a perfect holiday essential.


10.Clinique ‘Nude Pop’ Lipstick-A nude lipstick is definitely a holiday essential for me, it goes with everything so is the perfect lipstick to bring away with you!


11.Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara-This is a great product and keeps your brows looking defined but super natural, it’s such a great product so will definitely be coming on holiday with me.

So there are the products in my holiday makeup bag, what’s in yours?




Kiko Smart Lipstick Review

Hi guys!
Happy Thursday! I’m so glad we’re nearing the end of the week, today we took Hugo to the vets for his jabs, it’s the first time we’ve had to take him to the vets since we got him and his little meows broke my heart! He hates enclosed spaces so the cat carry was not appreciated, but even though he was super stressed he was so good, even if he is sulking now, haha. 
So today’s post is a review of the Kiko Smart Lipstick, I got this just over a month ago when I went shopping and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourites.

First off the colour is super pigmented, I have it in the shade ‘Hazelnut’ which is a red/copper colour. It’s so bright and vibrant which is excellent and it just looks so good!

This lipstick is also pretty long lasting, it lasts a couple of hours before it needs to be replied which is great, and the colour doesn’t fade too quickly. It lasts ages with a lipliner, the Kiko Smart Liner in ‘Brick Red’ is a pretty much a perfect match and is another amazing product!

Another thing I love about this lipstick is that it doesn’t dry your lips out. The formula is lovely and it goes on so smoothly, it also feels pretty moisturising and it doesn’t cause you to have flaky lips which is a huge plus!

I also love the price of this product, it’s £3.90 which is fab, the quality of this lipstick is brilliant and so much better than I expected given the price. I mean, is there really anything better than a budget lipstick that’s great quality?

Overall I love this lipstick and it’s fast becoming one of my favourites, I would absolutely recommend this product, and I will definitely be buying from Kiko again soon!